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Reopening after COVID-19

It won’t be business as usual when auto dealers and gyms are allowed to reopen to customers and clients.

Some local auto and gym operations preparing for a new normal have been busy taking various steps in anticipation of an eventual green light from the state to reopen.

When that day comes is unknown, but they want to be ready. They are reconfiguring interior spaces, installing barriers and dividers, and cleaning and disinfecting, to name a few activities.

They’re also devising new protocols for interactions between employees and customers, to reduce the potential for spread of the new coronavirus. Masks and gloves will become the norm.

“It will be tough, but we have to do what we have to do,” said Emilia McCormick, operations director of United Sports Academy gymnastics facilities in Dunmore and Scranton.

The academy, owned by McCormick’s mother, Dima Raynova, will have several new protocols. For example, the USA gym in Dunmore on Reeves Street converted a window between the lobby and gym into an extra door. Now, instead of only one door, there are two — and they will be designated as in and out, for social distancing.

The academy will have new procedures on how children will be dropped off, and for checking temperatures of staff and youths, McCormick said in a phone interview. The academy also will stagger practices to have only 10 children in a gym at one time, as compared to before the pandemic, when there had been as many as 70 or 80 youths at the same time. Spotting of gymnasts also will be put on hold.

“We’ve been doing an insane amount of cleaning, disinfecting everything, even though no one has been in” the gyms, McCormick said. “We want to be ready as soon as they make the announcement” to reopen.

McCormick and her husband, Kevin, own Mayfield Sports Complex adult fitness health club in Mayfield. They’re also cleaning and painting there, in preparation for an eventual reopening.