Pre-School Gymnastics

At United Sports Academy we offer a variety of classes for children of all ages.  We also offer camps throughout the year.  Check out all we have to offer!

Dunmore Location
1035 Reeves Street, Dunmore, PA 18512

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In our 50 minute preschool classes, children begin learning the sport of gymnastics as early as 15 months old. Our curriculum has been proven to increase coordination, strengthen skeletal muscles, and build self-confidence while your child has FUN! Our highly experienced pre-school instructors are extremely friendly and energetic. Pre-school participants will learn loco motor skills, sensory-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, ball handling skills and developmental gymnastics skills.

  • Bouncing Baby classes for 1 and 2 year olds (available at our Dunmore location)
  • Tumble Monkey classes for 3 years old (available at our Dunmore location)
  • Prenastics classes for 4 years old (Dunmore) Tiny Tumblers classes for 4 years old (Scranton)
  • JR Ninja classes for 4 years old (available at Dunmore and Scranton locations)

Our accredited program is truly a safe and fun loving approach to the fundamentals of gymnastics and movement education. All of our classes for children under the age of 5 take place in a private preschool facility where all of the equipment is small and colorful to meet your child’s needs. There will never be more than 8 children per class ensuring the highest quality of training your child deserves with some of the highest qualified instructors in the area!

Our programs include:

Bouncing Baby classes are our parent assisted classes for our gymnasts 1-2 years old (child must be walking). Parents will help their child as they perform different skills.

Tumble Monkey classes for our 3 year old gymnasts focus on building strength and learning new skills like handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls. Parents can observe classes from our air conditioned parent viewing area.

Prenastics classes are for 4 year olds and will prepare gymnasts for their big move downstairs! Mastering skills like cartwheels, roundoffs, and handstands! Strength, flexibility, and the importance of making healthy decisions are introduced in a fun and exciting way through games!

Preschool Open Gym is a great way for your energetic toddler to get some extra time in the preschool room!

JR Ninja class for children 4 years old lead up to the full-sized obstacles that are used in the Ninja Warrior program. Our Jr. Ninjas develop their skills with smaller, easy-to-negotiate obstacles until they are ready for the full-scale equipment. The Ninja Warrior program is designed to meet the requirements of a full physical fitness program for today’s youth. Each portion of every obstacle course also includes corresponding conditioning and flexibility stations. The desired result of this program is to improve children’s strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism. Classes are held in both Dunmore and Scranton locations.

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Questions about our preschool age policy?  See our FAQs page for more information.