“My daughter has grown in strength, confidence and physical ability since joining United Sports Academy over 4 years ago. She has become dedicated to her sport and loves every minute of her time at the gym. The staff is wonderful and have made this a positive experience in her life.” Mom of Team Student

“My daughter has been training with United Sports Academy Gym for a number of years. I have seen her physical abilities and mental focus grow over the years thanks to the dedicated staff!! Thanks for always supporting her! USA Gymnastics rocks!”

“I chose to send my children to United Sports Academy because gymnastics provides them with a solid and healthy foundation, including socialization skills and basics that can enhance performance in other sports. The instructors at United Sports Academy make it fun for the children and also teach them very valuable life lessons, like goal setting.” Kristin Sabatini

” My daughter has been a part of the USA family for 6 years and during this time she has not only developed a true passion for the sport but also has gained confidence and an appreciation for hard work. The coaching staff is second to none and I couldn’t think of a better place to be my daughter’s second home. Tammy McCullough

“We brought our daughter to United Sports Academy from a small gym in N.Y. which did not offer a Junior Olympic program. In two short years their excellent coaching and staff have molded Donna into a beautiful gymnast and helped her to achieve many successful titles. U.S.A. has the most dedicated and resourceful coaches she has had the privilege to train with. Donna has grown in so many aspects since coming to this gym. We look forward to Donna’s remaining years at U.S.A. Our only regret as parents is not getting Donna to United Sports Academy sooner. We love it.”Maureen Howell

“United Sports Academy has provided Nina a safe and positive environment to grow as both a gymnast and an individual.  The structure, discipline and goal mindset are tools that have been taught at the gym but have been applied to her home and school environments as well.” Rena Wilson

“Gymnastics made my daughter be the best person she could be. She has learned dedication, hard work, discipline and responsibility/accountability to name a few traits from gymnastics. USA was our second home and teammates and coaches became our family.”Isabella Allen

“We are grateful to have a Gym that truly cares about our daughter as a human being and always puts her first!!!”Lisa Jury

“United Sports Academy has been part of our lives for 10+ years! Starting with classes to introduce our girls to the sport of gymnastics and then moving on to participating in the competitive teams, all 3 of our girls have grown and built up their confidence from being part of this gym. The coaches who help our girls develop and improve their skills have become like family and are so knowledgeable about this sport.”The Mucha Family

“We are lucky to have found such a nurturing environment to help in Marie’s development, not only as a gymnast, but as a human being. The skills and the tools that Marie is developing through her hard work at United Sports Academy will serve her well in whatever future endeavors her life has in store for her. “The Granet Family

“Bria has been taking gymnastics from United Sports Academy since she was six years old.  She became part of the team in 2018, and our experience and the relationships we developed with the coaches at USA have been amazing.  I can’t say enough about the level of commitment and dedication from every single one of the coaches.  They have never failed to amaze me with their overall care, concern, and attention that they give to my daughter and the professionalism they display in and out of the gym.”
The Hill Family

“United Sports Academy is my daughter Maura’s “home away from home.”  It is becoming more and more of our daughter Kara’s life as well. We are so very blessed to have coaches who are amazingly talented and dedicated.  These same coaches love our children as if they were their own children. It gives me peace knowing that when my girls are at the gym, they are in such a close-knit, supportive, and safe atmosphere. Not only are my girls becoming capable gymnasts, the skills they learn in gymnastics carry over to so many aspects of their lives: strength, stamina, time management/academic achievement, development of coping skills, perseverance, and the importance of true friendships.”Diane Michalczyk 

“My husband and I walked into USA with Luci when she was just turning 8 years old. We have been a part of the United Sports Academy’s family since that day. As Luci progressed though the levels, her time at the gym increased. It was hard as a parent to know that other than school Luci would spend 3-4 hours, 6 days a week at USA. Through these years, coach Mia, Silvia, Dima, and Omar have been her driving force and most influential people in her life. She loves them, along with her teammates, who are her sisters. The nurture, and drive that were instilled in her by these wonderful and dedicated coaches contributed wholly to her success as a competitive athlete, student, friend, and human.” – Lori T.

“We have always had a great experience at United Sports Academy.  They have a difficult job trying the meet the needs/expectations to such a large number of families.  The staff has always been available (by phone, email or in person) to answer questions/concerns or to provide extra support. ” – Cary Laboranti


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